Writer’s Journal #7 – Generating Ideas

After reading several posts about how others generate ideas I can notice that the trend is more or less the same: note taking, list making, brainstorming. I have tried and done all of these in the past and have had mixed results, though I believe it had more to do with my state of mind and creativity vein rather than the idea generation part.

I am currently working at a summer camp where I am in charge of a little video laboratory, in which I create very short clips with some of the children. Usually, my struggle is with the generation of the idea, after which I can say I don’t have any issues in developing it. This year, however, I’m finding myself a bit slumped on the development side and I seem to be able to resolve the situation by improvising and making swift changes to the course of action as I’m doing it. For example, I was preparing a short clip of a child doing the bottle flip challenge and through editing, I wanted to make it look like he was a pro and was able to do the most difficult flips. But after viewing it a few times, I saw that it didn’t work as I had pictured it, so I decided to go the other way and have him intentionally fail at it, but making it seem as if he’s doing it correctly. I had the inspiration for that as I was filming the original idea, and by changing it the video now works and is funny. So it comes down to trial and error, plus a very vivid imagination.

However, I haven’t found any alternative ways of generating ideas in any of my peers’ post. I believe this is because I’ve been using my creativity and my imagination for so long that I’ve tried them all. It does give me solace in seeing how many people share these different systems and have confirmed that they work, though I believe that to be something very subjective to each individual.

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