Writer’s Journal #4 – Reflecting on Collaboration

The notion of writing collaboratively isn’t new to me. Every book I have ever read often featured an Acknowledgements section in it, and the writers always had praise and gratitude towards friends, family and colleagues who I could tell had collaborated on the book, or at least chimed in with some feedback. This goes for both fiction and non-fiction.

Generally, I find collaborating both exciting and intimidating: the former because I think it’s the best way to improve, the latter because it’s not easy for me to take any kind of criticism, so it will be an effective way to try and overcome one of my biggest limits. I believe that collaboration can help me get an exterior view of my work and improve and clarify some sections which might be clear to me because of my background and previous knowledge, but may be rather obscure to people who don’t share the same experiences. I tend to get lost in myself at times, so that’s definitely something that can be resolved.

Finally, I believe the Outcomes focus on collaboration because it is one of those soft skills that are increasingly necessary for today’s and tomorrow’s professional sector. In addition to the fact that the world now is home to over 7 billion people and counting, collaborating is ever more crucial to the development of healthy relations between humans, which I believe is a pivotal point in life. This means that through collaborating in writing, we can learn to collaborate, period. And working together means having a common aim and striving to reach it. Let’s just hope we all use these powers for good, once we acquire them.

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