Why gender equality is good for everyone – men included | Michael Kimmel

‘Gender equality is a big topic in today’s society, and one that I feel doesn’t get the right amount of attention. Especially from boys, even before we get to men. This is where it starts: to put it rhetorically, today’s boys will be tomorrow’s men, so making sure they understand what the situation is should be key to the communication. ‘

This is how I originally started this post, but then I realized it didn’t make much sense, or better, it was incredibly biased. So I put it in quotes and started this reflection: “Why did I focus soley on the boys? Isn’t equality about being the same, and so having the same importance?”. The answer is yes, of course, but we have to start from somewhere. The truth is, it is not only the boys who should learn how to not discriminate, but it’s an effort all sides ought to make.

In the lessons with several classes we will speak about gender equality from different perspectives, leading to different ideas, but hopefully the same conclusion: gender equality benefits everybody.

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