Civil Advertising

I was listening to radio24 the other night, and I came across a news report about this new trend for 2017: civil advertising. I must admit I was quite intrigued, so I thought I’d prepare a lesson plan about it, with the idea that any person could benefit from it, not just business students.

I would like to point out that there is no political intention in this activity, and the objective is to have students reflect on the current situation for what concerns society, living standards and current events.

In groups, you will be assigned one of these four topics to present:

Project 1

Diesel SS17 ADV Campaign: MAKE LOVE NOT WALLS, a film directed by David LaChapelle

Project 2

Letter from Banksy on advertising:

Project 3

AIRBNB #weaccept campaign

IKEA installs replica of Syrian home inside flagship store


Your job is to prepare a brief presentation on the topics you have been assigned. Then, in class, we will also have some Q&A sessions, so come prepared!