The Moron Test

Level: pre-intermediate & lower-intermediate (A2 & B1)

Today’s App is one that works very well with young learners, but that can be used just as well with teens.

The Moron test on the AppStore

Ideas to use in class

This app works great as a warmer, or if you have some time left at the end of the lesson. What you could do, particularly if you have an iPad and/or a projector, is let students have 3 tries and see how far each one can go. It will obviously be harder for the first ones and easier for the others, because they will have the chance to see the answers in advance, but this allows them to learn the vocabulary and at the same time keep their memory active and attention high. This app works very well for one or two times at the most, after which it may become repetitive and boring. Just another one for your book of tricks!


Heads Up

Level: all levels

Today I’ll share a great app for getting students to speak, and spark a little friendly competition at the same time.

Heads Up on the AppStore

Just to give you an idea of what it is, here’s a video of it being used.

Ideas to use in class

What I like to do is get students working in teams of two and have them play one round each, accumulating points for each correct answer. As the round goes on, make notes of any words they miss or don’t know, and assign them to search what they are for next lesson.

The app offers a great number of decks with different categories, though I find the more effective ones to be Just for kids and Act it out (there are also decks about food, animals and geography, but most words will be difficult for students, especially the younger ones). You can purchase a customizable deck in which you can compile any vocabulary you may be working on at a given time, which makes the €0.99 investment worth your while.