About Me

I am an EFL (English as a Foreign language) teacher whose main focus is to improve students’ confidence in speaking and listening. Though I regularly work on reading and writing, I feel that by completing this course, I may be able to further help the improvement and advancement of my students’ writing skills, as it will be essential for them in their future development.

Academic Interests, Experiences, and Achievements


As of now, I have no experience or achievements of note. My writing has solely been for my website’s blog,¬†and sometimes as examples for my students in writing essays,¬†reports or emails.

Colleges and Universities Attended

I attended the University of Udine (Italy) for three years and now I am attending the ENG101 composition course offered by the Global Freshman Academy – ASU (Arizona State University)

A Sense of My Identity as a Writer

Part of the reason for my being here is my research for my identity as a writer. My angle for this course is to improve myself as one, so as to be able to transfer the knowledge and the confidence to my students, in the hope that they might repeat the cycle.

My Short- and Long-Term Goals as a Writer

In the short run, I would like to be able to gain more practice and confidence in the writing process, especially for what concerns the generation of ideas and the sharpening of the “habits of mind”. In the long run, my main objective is to learn the persistence that is necessary in order to maintain a journal or blog, as it has always been an aspect of myself that I have struggled with.